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Alexandra Radoaca is a sound practitioner and herbalist. She creates a nurturing space and invites us to connect to our deepest self using sound, energy work and meditation. She has developed a deep connection to the earth by trekking mountains across the world, hiking local trails, practicing earth living skills and working with medicinal herbs. Alex is passionate about how different cultures use sound to heal and help process emotional, spiritual and physical challenges. She creates soundscapes that incorporate nature elements and indigenous instruments to facilitate self healing. Alex has been practicing under the guidance of Jessica Caplan and Katie Down for the last year and has studied with 9ways Academia under Mitch Nur and Alexandre Tannous.  Alex is a New York State certified camping and hiking guide and a Wilderness First Responder. 

Jodi Epstein is a yoga and meditation teacher, wellness program developer, and musician, Jodi's classes and workshops place an emphasis upon the breath, personal alignment, and moment-to-moment embodiment. With over 10 years of experience, she teaches  Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Power Yoga, Yoga for Beginners, Chair Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Pranayama. As a practitioner and avid student of yoga, Jodi has over 500 hours of training, having studied insight meditation with Tara Brach, pranayama and meditation with Alan and Sarah finger, anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff and Judith Lasater, and asana sequencing and pranayama with the teachers at Sonic Yoga, NY. Jodi privately studies the Alexander Technique with Rebecca Poole, learning how to mindfully work with posture, habitual patterns of tension, and movement. For more about Jodi, go to

Joe Blevis is a mentor, naturalist, survivalist, and tracker. For the last 5 years Joe has been working with children, adults, and families helping them reconnect with the natural world. Joe discovered his passion for earth living skills while living in Montana and eventually pursued that passion by becoming a student of Tom Brown Jr. and the Tracker School in 2010. After finishing a full-time internship at the Tracker School he began to work with other primitive skills programs across the country. In the last 3 years Joe has lead classes with homeschoolers, private and public schools, and summer camps. He has created programs such as the The Primitive Living Skills series at the Nature Place Day Camp in NY and Forest Fridays in NJ to encourage children and adults to develop life long skills and a relationship to the earth. Joe's style of teaching encourages people to step out of their comfort zone and explore new things, while maintaining a healthy awareness in their everyday lives.  As a teacher, his goal is to pass down these ancient skills, accompanied by a sense of wonder, curiosity, reverence, and connection to the Earth. Joe is certified as a Wilderness EMT. To learn more about Joe visit

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Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in all our overnight retreats. We make all our food in house, sourcing seasonal local ingredients. We like to keep our meals small and simple with an attention to detail while providing essential nutrients for a healthy lifestyle. 

Accommodations:  Rooms typically sleep 2-4 people. We provide tents for outdoor sleeping based on your preference. All details about the retreat grounds and directions will be sent a week ahead of the retreat. For our backpacking trips you can bring your own tent or rent one of ours.

Transportation: We provide transportation for our backpacking retreats. Our retreat space us located in Central Valley, NY about 10 minutes from the Harriman Train Station and the Woodbury Outlets. 




Sound Meditations: Whether it's listening to sounds of nature or singing bowls, sound is always a partner in our practice. Birds, wind in the trees, or blades of grass beneath our feet: everything is vibration. Sound connects us all to each-other and to the conscious present, grounding our practice and healing our wounds. Our retreats incorporate the element of sound whether it's deep listening  during our morning meditation or a journey through a sound bath in the evening. Sound has been an integrative healing practice for many cultures for thousands of years. Whether it's singing bowls, flutes, mantras, medicinal melodies, the wind in the trees or the waves in the ocean sound is a powerful tool to bring us to a relaxed state of consciousness.

Healing with Plants: Plant allies not only support our healing but help our emotional and spiritual journeys as well. Unlike other forms of medicine plants allow to create a relationship with ourselves and participate in our healing process. They are not just here for us but with us to embrace, support and sometimes even challenge us. Learn how to identify edible and medicinal plants and how to incorporate plants in your healing process.

Sit spot: Our senses are vital in the wilderness. They help us tune in and understand our natural surroundings. Tuning in is not only about mindfulness but also about shaping a sense of belonging to our surroundings. The more we understand our natural habitat the less foreign it will become to us. A sit spot is simply a quiet place, outside, in nature where you can settle, catch your breath, listen and observe your surroundings. As you visit your sit spot everyday and sit quietly for a few minutes you will be surprised how much wild life crosses your path. You can develop a deep connection to nature just by learning how to watch and listen.