Intimate retreat for women

February 9-10, Starting at $335, see form for payment options

Join Jodi and Alex for an intimate women’s overnight retreat in the heart of Hudson Valley just over 40 miles from the city at the Mindful Wilderness home. This retreat weaves together yoga, herbs, sound meditation and moon rituals with the intention of supporting and celebrating women. Cozy up by the fire, savor delicious home made meals and enjoy our hot tub by the moonlight. This retreat is limited to 6 women.

The overnight will feature workshops focusing on:

  • The Pelvic Bowl: Using yoga based exercises, asanas (poses) and pranayama (breath practices), this workshop will help to strengthen and relax the pelvic floor. Pelvic floor muscles provide support for the organs that lie on it, and while kegel exercises are a great start for getting in touch with this part of our bodies, truly accessing the pelvic floor is more internal and nuanced. Our primary intention will be to connect with this internal group of muscles, as connecting with the deeper parts of our selves (physical, mental or spiritual) is the first step towards relaxing, strengthening and healing.

  • Herbal remedies and tonics for women: Herbs are a gentle, effective and safe way to support and nourish our bodies. They work to nourish, strengthen and heal and can be used exclusively or with traditional medical and/or homeopathic care. We will cover 5-7 affordable and available herbs that are essential for breast and pelvic health (bladder, uterus, vagina, cervix), how to work with them and how to prepare them. We will also deep dive into specific areas that concern you whether it’s PMS, menopause, pregnancy, breast health or something else.

  • Womb Meditation: Our womb (uterus, cervix and vagina) is the gateway to our creativity, security, pleasure and power. Often times we process experiences through our womb and are unaware of the powerful connections that exist between our thoughts, emotions and this area. Womb meditation and womb presence help us claim our power center, develop connection and freedom of expression.

  • Moon Rituals: For thousands of years women have been healers, midwives, warriors, priestesses and leaders. Ancient cultures had a deep relationship with the lunar and solar cycles. By observing the moon and her ever changing nature, they conceived of life as a constant cycle of birth, death and renewal. It is no wonder that the moon became associated with women and our own ever changing cycles. This is what these rituals are all about...finding our center, reclaiming our wisdom, our history and relationship with our bodies.

  • The cost of the retreat starts at $335 with all vegetarian meals and accommodations included. 


Arrive at our home in the morning by 11am

Pelvic Floor Workshop


Herbal Workshop for Women and Womb Meditation

Yin Yoga

Dinner and Bonfire

Thai Massage and Sound Meditation


Morning Yoga and Meditation


Closing Ceremony

Depart by Noon